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Nov 23, 2021
In Ultra Cycling Forum
Something that I seldom see mentioned. I work as a logger during the day. I am in my sixties and in all honesty, a day of humping up and down the hills lugging a 30 pound chainsaw is pretty much a healthy workout in itself. I have trained for Sparan events and ultra marathons; the goal has always been to be in the best shape I could be in. One was to make me more efficient, being tired leads to mistakes that can kill and definitely slow you down. The other was to make my work a pleasant as possible, I look at it as training for my hobby and my hobby making me better at the work I do. What I run into is a workout schedule that is geared for someone who sits behind a desk and is 20 years younger or more than I am. While long hard days at work are great prep for any event. Does anyone else here who trains for an ultra also have a job that already takes a ton of energy, then still try to leave time to train at the end of the day and weekends?
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