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Shane has been my coach since 2019.  He has consistently encouraged me to become a better version of myself through comprehensive training plans catered to my goals and lifestyle, consistent accountability, sincere support, and by being an example of what is possible.  Shane has not only challenged me physically, but through his training plans and coaching, has allowed me to break through mental barriers and self-imposed limits allowing me to tackle goals I never thought were within my reach.  I would highly recommend him to anyone that is looking to up-level their fitness--he will meet you where you are and you’ll be amazed at where you end up!

Allie B.

Shane has been my coach since 2020.  I was initially following a plan on my own, but with the arrival of my second child and increased work responsibilities, I realized I needed a coach to help me manage my training and keep me on track.  Shane has helped me immensely with reaching my goals, and through his outstanding mentorship and training plans, I was able to complete my first double century, Everest, and my first ultracycling event, the Silver State 508, all in the same season! I would recommend Shane to anyone who is dedicated and willing to work hard towards a goal.  He will push you when needed, and get you to where you want to be as an athlete.

Daniel Sedberry

Shane has been my coach for now about 7 months. I had been cycling for a lot of years and had completed multiple double centuries on my own.  But due to a busy career, lack of knowledge in training and a large family I often found myself either overtraining or being inconsistent, which led me to stagnate in my gains. Since coaching with Shane I have had none of these issues. Within the first 8 weeks of coaching my FTP increased by 5%, something I hadn’t seen in more than a year. I have continued to see huge improvements in my fitness and endurance over the course of this year, including an almost 20% increase in FTP! With Shane's help and guidance I have been able to break many personal records as well as take 1st in my category of my main race this year. Not only does Shane bring great coaching ability to the table, but he is also a great motivator and will make you feel like you just won the TDF after every workout that you crush! Due to some changes in circumstance (my wife and I had our 6th child!) some of my ultra plans for this year had to be put on hold, but I am confident that with Shane’s continued coaching over the coming year I will have no problem in exceeding my goals again for 2022. I would highly recommend him to anyone that loves the sport and has the ambition and desire to improve and better themselves. If you are willing to put in the work he will without a doubt help you get there.

Shilo H.

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