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Time To Get To Work!

Off-season is a weird thing. Each year I can't figure out if I love it or hate it! On one hand it is nice to switch things up. It's nice to, well, just be lazy. I mean be lazy on the bike. If you can imagine, I am a go go go type person. I love to always be doing something, always creating, always learning and always completing goals. Yeah imagine that, I am SUPER goal oriented. So here is a quick update since 24 Hour Worlds. Well first here is an updated photo.

So as we know, during worlds, I had some sort of stomach bug. That lasted a few days, then I felt like I was getting better, but within a day or two I was plagued by body aches and I felt extremely weak. Turns out my coach had the same symptoms and he had some sort of viral infection. This lasted about 8 days, and then finally I felt better! Two days later smashed with a cold. I just got over all that about a week ago. During that time period I took two weeks off the bike, well mostly off, had a few super low intensity (Less than 40 percent FTP) recovery ride, because I had to coach at Life Cycle.

During my time off I have focused on my photography work. I have started and will continue a photo-a-day challenge for 100 days. In which I take a high quality image each day, edit it and pump it out. It is much harder than it seems and there have been a few days where I have had to go out and shoot twice, because I wasn't satisfied with any images from the first shoot. The image above is of a spin instructor at Life Cycle, who is also an athlete that I coach and a friend, Fitz.

Anyway this blog is just to give a quick update and let everyone know I am diving back into training. Here is a list of events I have planned this year:

Race Across the West

Race Across Oregon

24 Hour Worlds

I told Tyler that I would help him chase down the North American Championship Jersey. I am not sure which race that is, but I will be crewing for him for that. Then I think for the Silver State 508, I am going to talk to the race director, Rob, and see if he will hire me to do photos for the race. I want to fully focus on Worlds this year, so I don't think I will race the 508, depending on how close it is to Worlds.

I hope everyone is doing well and Ill be posting training updates soon!

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