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Off-Season Has Arrived

The off-season is here! It was one hell of a season, but all good things must come to an end. I just got done spending about 2 weeks of the bike. This was some much needed rest. I was sick for about 9 days of the 14 days off the bike. After WTTC I continued to have the stomach bug (that I had while I raced), followed by two days of feeling ok, and then followed by about a week of body aches and just plane old feeling weak.

I am slowly easing back into a base phase. This will entail a ton of endurance. I usually like to stick within the 80/20 rule, and now is the time to stay steadfast to it! So here we go with a lot of endurance for the next few months.

If you haven't stopped over and checked out our plans, I highly recommend you do it. Now is the perfect time to start the Ultra Endurance Pre Build Plan. You could have this finished up by February, and then move on to a Double Century; This would get you ready to ride your best double by May.

Whatever you do this off-season, I hope you enjoy it! I personally am diving more into photography and family time. I started a photo-a-day for 100 days challenge. If you didn't know I also have a photography business and Instagram here:


Here are a couple images I have done in the past few days (I am on day 5 of 100, as of right now)

Enjoy the images! Oh yeah also, just want to say that I love riding bikes and I also love representing what I love with the clothes I wear. I highly reccomend you check out Ride Bikes Bro Clothing. They have some amazing stuff! Fits awesome, lasts forever and promotes cycling. Can you beat that?

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Bob Orazem
Bob Orazem
Nov 01, 2021

Great pics!

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