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In June 2014, I stood at the start of Race Across America. Ultracycling icon. Tour de France of long distance cycling. 4,800 kilometers from the west cost to the east cost of US. Oceanside, California, to Annapolis, Maryland.

12 days limit. 400 kilometers a day. Temperature from 5 to 50 Celsius degrees. Mountains over 3000m above sea level. Desert. 2-3 hours of sleep a day.

After 11 days, 19 hours and 33 minutes, I reached the finish line fulfilling one of my life dreams. I became the first Pole to complete Race Across America solo.

And these two numbers ... 1,769,652 and 1,224,936. The first is the number of heartbeats during the race. The second - the number of turns of the cranks.

Exactly - the heart. This is what allowed me to do this. Without a heart for cycling, for long distances, for competition, for late nights, for fatigue ... it wouldn't be there. RAAM was in my heart for 10 years before I got to Annapolis. It's all about intrinsic (internal) motivation. Therefore, check how it is with you? Is the ultra your cup of tea? Whether fashion, something seen in friends, the desire to shine. How much do you identify with the goal?

Make yourself such a check. When you get bored and surf the internet, what websites do you go to? What information are you looking for? What are you following? What is this dream you are surfing for?

My point is this: You will achieve anything ... if you really want to. It sounds like a slogan from a motivational speaker or an inspired Facebook meme. That's right, and yet it worked for me. The key to this statement is the word "really" and it means that you are intrinsically motivated.

If you already know you have it, read on. Otherwise - check what your passion is, what you dream about at night and read on, just translate it to yours.

Well then ... 1. Goal setting 2. Planning 3. Starting point 4. Time for training 5. Difficulties and doubts 6. Passion attracts 7. Awareness of responsibility 8. How impossible to turn into possible 9. A race for joy 10. Each end is a new beginning

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