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Fueling With Flow (Discounts Below)

Throughout the Race Across the West I had some severe stomach issues. Because of this I decided to make a switch in my on the bike nutrition. I decided to give Flow Formulas a try, and I was amazed at how well I did with it. Not only did I not have any stomach issues, but my power output stayed higher longer. I think this is due to being able to take in 90 grams of carbs per hour. Before Flow ever even offered me a sponsorship, I dropped my old nutrition sponsor and bought some more Flow paying out of pocket. I was lucky enough to have them offer me a sponsorship later. I would have kept using Flow Formulas regardless. It just works, period. I love it!


If you have never tried Flow Formulas, you can get 30 percent off your first order by using code FatCyclist30 Keep reading to see how you can get a discount code of 15% throughout the next year!

North American Champion So with flow I became the North American WUCA Ultra Champion, set some records, and won the Silver State 508. Next week I am headed off to the World Championships, lets see where Flow takes me....

Now for that discount code. Ok here is the deal, Flow has graciously offered to let me give out 10 discount codes. These codes will be tied to your email address, and they will be good for a year. They will get you 15% off every Flow product. Want one? Follow these steps: 1. Follow me on Instagram @The_Fat_Cyclist_ 2. Follow Flow Formulas on Instagram @FlowFormulas 3. Create a post and tag us both, let us know how you plan to use Flow this year or how it has helped you in the past. 4. Send me an email and give me your email you want associated with the discount and your IG Tag. I will respond back with your unique discount code.  

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