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24 Hour Worlds Race Recap

First off, if your reading this and you have any questions, please tune in tonight (10/11/21) for the live race recap with Q and A!

Thank You

Second, I want to send out a blanket thank you to everyone that helped me this season and at this race. I am not going to try and list you all because I will for sure miss one or more of you, but you all know who you are. THANK YOU!

Check Out This Photo!

Lets start this recap with this AMAZING PHOTO that, I think, Vic captured! Thank you for this. If you know me, you know I am a photographer too, and I can really appreciate this image.

Four Score and Three Weeks Ago

Ok here is where my race recap begins. 3 weeks prior to Worlds at The Silver State 508. I went out to that race, I gave it my all, I emptied the tank trying to chase down Marko Baloh's course record, which I missed by a half hour. Then the next week I went to Tyler's, The Vegan Cyclists camp, and my initial plan and advice of my coach was to ride recovery the entire camp. Looking back, I see that this was a good plan, but man when your out with 30 dudes who all love to smash pedals, its just so hard to pull back, plus I felt sooo good that week! So I smashed. Now, to be clear, I don't think I was actually over-trained. I got back from camp and a few days later was smashing 500 watts by 90 seconds, feeling absolutely amazing! I felt great that entire week and the week after.

Race Week

Fast forward to the Tuesday before the race. I had taken Monday as a recovery day and rode 50 percent FTP, felt good, Tuesdays plan was 2 hours at endurance pace/race pace 245 watts. I know to some 245 seems like a big number, but just to give you an idea, I always push 245 watts for endurance pace, my HR stays at 65 percent while pushing that number. It is my endurance pace, my pace that I can hold, at 5,000 feet of altitude for 8-12 hours. I am going to try to stay away from too many numbers because I don't want to bore everyone to death, but to give you a quick conversion this number is about 255-260 at sea level, so my race pace at sea level for 24 hours (225-245 watts) is my endurance pace up here at 5k where I live and am acclimated at. So Tuesday, I jump on the bike I do my normal 2 hours at 245 watts, and.....I feel awful! My HR went way up into the 75 percent zone, I got off the bike and felt like I just rode 6 hours, I was cold and tired.

Side Note

A quick interjection, I have this thing where sometimes before races I think I am getting a sore throat. Nikki and I always joke about it, but its always just allergies or nerves and I get on the bike and I am fine.

So I assume, "ok dude its your body being nervous, that is why that ride felt so hard." Next day I jump on the bike for my 45 minute recovery ride. As soon as I get on I feel weak. Like legs feel empty and hard to push. I also had a stomach ache most that day. Again, trying to stay focused, and chalk it up to nerves.